Finance Department

The Finance Dept have responsibility for Payroll and Transport, Adult Education, Creditors, Procurement and Stocktaking, Financial Reports & Audits, Capital & Buildings, Insurance and Superannuation.

Co. Roscommon Vocational Education Committee is supported by an ‘Executive’, which is responsible for the functions not reserved for the Committee.  An organisational structure with clearly defined authority levels and reporting structures is in place.  The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for management of the Committees services and is supported by an administrative staff in the following sections.

Internal Control

The Committee has overall responsibility for ensuring that an effective system of Internal Control is maintained and operated.  The Committee carries out an annual review of internal controls which it receives and has regards to a report from its Audit Committee.  This review of the effectiveness of the internal control systems is informed by:

-          The work of the Audit Committee

-          Chief Executive, who has responsibility for the financial control framework

-          Reports and recommendations of the Comptroller & Auditor general

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