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The overall aim of the programme is to provide the learner with the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of traditional and modern art and craft disciplines including drawing painting and ceramics as well as working with a variety of materials including wood, print making and the creative use of technology.

The course, which will commence in September 2013 will assist students to prepare a portfolio of artwork as preparation for further study in Art & Design and/or will focus students to an area of study which will empower them to pursue, Art/Craft as a career as an artist.


Entry Requirements

Education equivalent to FETAC Level 4 General Learning Certificate is required to pursue this course or portfolio presentation with interview.

When attending their interview, applicants are requested to bring with them some evidence of their interest. What we are looking for is primarily drawing from observation but also evidence of your interest in visual art or design. This can take many forms: notebooks, painting, photographs, diaries, poetry, models and ideas. Please feel free to bring whatever you feel best represents you, your interests and abilities. The learner who has either successfully completed a programme leading to a level 4 FETAC Certificate OR can demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with QQI level 4 will be eligible to apply for entry to this programme. Criteria for participation on a VTOS scheme are also mandatory. (Please see bottom of page for further information on applying)

Course Content

Drawing 5N1862

The processes concerned with drawing will facilitate the learner to develop the skills to use drawing as an effective, creative and expressive communication tool.  It will enable the learner to explore a wide range of drawing techniques, including linear, tonal, gestural, perspective, weight/volume and form.  The learner will explore the safe use of a wide range of drawing media, in two and three dimensions, including the observational interpretation of natural and manufactured forms. Critical to this is the ability of the learner  evaluate the approaches to drawing within a range of art movements, traditions, cultures and technologies, to develop critical judgement, necessary to analyse and produce consciously composed original drawings

Design Skills 5N0784

Design skills allow us to facilitate the learner to understand and appreciate the design principles in a variety of Art, Craft and Design disciplines.  It will contribute in enabling the learner to be competent in the design process as a problem solving activity and explore with the learner the context of design. It helps to facilitate the learner to engage in inquiring, creative, original, experimental and personal responses in their work

Paint 5N1302

This module allows the learner to explore colour and the formal elements through painting, it enables the learner to explore and employ a variety of traditional and experimental painting techniques and processes.  We facilitate the learner to develop technical skills, knowledge and safe practices in a variety of painting media, techniques and styles and explore with the learner a variety of subjects through the medium of painting. Central to this module is that the learner will use painting as a means of communication and expression.    To engage in enquiring, creative, original, personal and sustainable responses in their work is encouraged and we assist the learner to contextualise their work and develop informed critical awareness and aesthetic judgement.

Desktop Publishing 5N0785

The exploration of Desktop Publishing will facilitate the learner to appreciate the impact of the print medium in our lives and assist the learner to develop creativity and visual awareness, it also assists the learner to develop knowledge of the complete desktop publishing process incorporating briefing, concept, design and production. In conjunction with other modules offered in this field it will enable the learner to analyse critically the layout of printed publications from the points of view of design, style and harmony. It will also assist the learner to acquire basic technological skills and key crafts to process text and graphic images on an electronic page and reproduce them as a printed page

Other modules offered include Ceramics (5N0758), Printmaking (5N1373), Communications (5N0690), Work Experience (5N1356) and Safety & Health at Work ( 5N1794)  Appreciation of Art, Craft & Design (5N0755) may be offered in place of one of the above.


  • We have a designated space allocated to Art/studio work
  • Each student will be allocated work areas which include A1 space, with light and magnifier and a light box.
  • The course is student centered and project based
  • Whenever possible, we use a ‘learning by doing’ approach to make the learning experience more relevant and enjoyable
  • Access to workshops and presentations by local and national organisations e.g. enterprise boards and visiting artists

Learner Supports

The following learner supports and resources will be available to the learner participating in this programme, where appropriate:

  • Adult and career guidance
  • We provide, with the resources available, learning supports that are specific to the needs of individual learners
  • Reasonable accommodations


Upon successful completion of this programme, the learner will have many transfer and progression options available to him/her.  The learner may also progress to other appropriate programmes leading to awards at the next level of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Alternatively the learner may be eligible to apply to progress to the next or higher levels of the NFQ with a higher education provider.


On completion of the course students, who successfully complete work
to the required standard will receive FETAC Level 5 award in



For further information please contact

Kathleen McNulty
VTOS Coordinator

094 9620161