Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What can you do for our club / group / organisation?
2. Why should our youth group register with the VEC?
3. Will we lose out if we don’t fill out the form?
4. If we got money from the VEC for the last ‘x’ number of years, why do we need to register now?
5. What are you (the VEC) going to develop for our area/ club/ organisation?
6. What is the difference between you and a ‘Regional Youth Officer’ or ‘Youth Service Officer’?
7. If I register my club with the VEC, am I guaranteed funding?
8. Are you checking up on us?
9. What is in it for the young people, how will they benefit?
10. What is a Local Voluntary Youth Council (LVYC), how do we get on it, and will we have a say?
11. Will my group / club have to be affiliated with a National Youth Work Organisation, in order to register with the VEC?
12. Because the VEC is giving us this money, do we have to do something ‘educational’?
13. Are you going to do Garda Vetting and organise Child Protection training?
14. Who will do Garda Vetting for non-affiliated youth clubs / community clubs?
15. We are a small, independent, local youth club - do we have to register with the VEC?
16. What is a Youth Officer - what do you do?
17. I haven’t heard about this before, what’s it all about?
18. Where does all the information go?
19. Are you the local youth assessor / inspector?
20. We are a multi-funded youth organisation - how does the Youth Work Act apply to non – Department of Education & Science funded projects?
21. We used to always get funding under the Local Youth Club Grants Scheme. Will we still get this money?
22. How do we register, and can we get help with the registration form?
23. Will there be more money for youth groups?
24. What exactly is youth work?
25. When will the funding be going through the VEC’s?
26. Do we apply directly to the VEC?
27. How do I get a second youth worker for my ‘Special Project of Disadvantaged Youth’ funded project?
28. When will the fund for Youth Cafés be available and how do I apply?
29. What is a young person? What is a youth group?
30. What is the difference between the VEC Youth Work Committee and the Local Voluntary Youth Council?

Further information

Mr Michael Kelly, Youth Officer
Co Roscommon VEC,
Castle Court House,
Castle Street,
Roscommon Town
Phone: 090 6634 189
Fax: 090 6634 641