Wanting to set up a service for young people?

  • Are you agreed on the ethos of the project – the values underpinning your work, the philosophy of youth work you intend to work from, the theories of youth work to be employed?
  • Are you clear on what is, and isn’t, youth work? Do you know the definition of youth work under the 2001 Act?
  • Have you agreed on the model of youth work which will provide the framework for all youth work delivery?
  • Is there a clear budget – total and operational? Have income and expenditure lines been clarified?
  • Who will be the employer? Are they aware of employer’s legal responsibilities?
  • If wishing to affiliate to a national youth organisation, have you compared their ethos, style, policies etc to yours – and are you happy they can meet your goals?
  • If choosing to be an independent youth group (with no affiliation), are you confident you can meet your leader and young people’s needs?
  • Who will manage and run the project? Are they qualified and competent? Do they have a proven track record of good practice?
  • What is your target group? Has there been a Needs Analysis done with the target group?
  • Will you be using volunteers – if so, how will they be managed?
  • Is the proposed youth building teenager-friendly? Are the staff and volunteers teenager-friendly?
  • Are you aware of the implications of the Youth Work Act, 2001, for your project?
  • Have the relevant policies been identified and put in place?
  • Are the relevant systems and structures in place?
  • Is there an understanding of the psychology of adolescence, the needs of teenagers, the issues they face, the challenges for adults?
  • Is the planned direct work balanced between educational, recreational, creative, vocational, analytical emphasis?

If you need assistance in answering any of these questions, the Roscommon VEC Youth Office can be contacted at:

Castle Court House, Castle St., Roscommon Town
Tel: 090 6634 189 086  / 090 6634384 0789